Sensational Body Activist Duchess Shares Her Opinion On The Surviving R.Kelly Doucumentary.

Sensational Body Activist Duchess Shares Her Opinion On The Surviving R.Kelly Doucumentary.


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Happy Birthday to @rkelly the R in R & B. Mr Robert Kelly aka the Pied Pipper…😊. Bro! I watched the “surviving R Kelly” and all I can say is that everyone that came together to put that documentary including @johnlegend and @officialdreakelly RKellys ex wife should be ashamed of themselves. Drea why do u still use his name? Ur no longer with the man… That series is just one big agenda being set to pull this man down because the stories don’t add up. Parents knowing he was a pedophile and still left their daughters to go stay with him for months in a different state…Looks like they were enjoying the benefits and tryna take advantage of him too. So my question is would this documentary see the light of day if most of those girls had successful carriers?? Don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean I support sexual performance with under aged girls but Sonny Bono 27 dated Cher @ 17, Wilmer Valderrama 24 dated 17 year old Linsey Lohan, joe Madden 26 dated 16 yr old Hilary Duff, Jerry Seinfeld 38 dated 16yr old Soshanna Lonstein, Kobe Bryant 21yrs old dated 17yr old Vanessa Cornejo, Doug Hutchison 51 dated 16yr old Courtney Stodden, Paul Walker 33 dated Jasmine Plichard Gosnell 16yr old and I never heard the media criticize them all for dating under aged girls..An article once said that “Elvis Presley Was the King of Treating Women Like Shit and Luring 14-Year-Olds into Bed”, but the media rather not talk about it or include that piece in his Bio…Kells might have done bad things, but nobody talks about how he and his brother were molested by their moms friends and aunty as kids and the effect this might have caused on him. That might have even been the cause of him. But Kels , Thank you for ur music…we aren’t defined by our demons, love u bro

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