Duchess – Airs Her Opinion On Gay People,Religion And Morality.

I don’t think anyone deserves to be justified over their sexuality neither should they be condemned. Morality and religious believe has taken a wrong turn on we Africans and 95% of us don’t even do what we preach. If the holy books proclaims that word of God is love and God himself is love so why is it hard for us to embrace and accept one’s sexual state of minder could it be that Gay people are created by another God entirely or should they be crucified from being who and what they were created as ?.

Discovering being gay is one thing and being born gay is a different thing entirely not until the society can spot this difference will it understand that sometimes some situation are not questionable. Some house of God sees same sex marriage as sin but what is their take on a gay person that decided to be a transgender out of religious believe.
A gay believer be it man or woman that has been judged or been made to understand that having affair with someone of your sex is a sin, on hearing this he or she decided to go for surgery in other to fit in to whom he or she is comfortable with in sex identification aspect, what is such persons faith when it comes to religion perspective can such person be categorized as a sinner that questioned God for mistaken identity or are we going to follow the bible verse that says if it is your left hand that is going to make you sin to you God cut it off ?

This is a topic i the society needs to look into, when a man or boy acts so much like the opposite sex do you think he will be sexually aroused around women, the answer is no because psychologically he will be seeing himself like he is gay,he will see himself like he is trying to make love to a girl like him because he sees himself in a girl body and sexual body system and character operates like female’s own, this also applies to women.
Even gay people see it to be wrong when they have feelings for opposite sex because that is more gay to them. The way I see it we are all gays it only depends on the state of mind we decide to see it.
As a woman i might have problem with a woman like me touching me, but as for other women with male characteristics and behavior they might have problem with guys touching them simply because they feel like they are dude and can’t have another dude like them getting sexual with them so they find it easy to see other females as opposite sex simply because the opposite sex doesn’t project the male sexual appearance or characters they project and that is why you will find it hard to see two hardcore lesbian or gay men dating one must project that character of the opposite sex one desires.

So my question is this does gay people really deserves the criticism they go through all in the name of morality and religion ?


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