Finally A Word From T.I. On Kanye West & The 13th Amendment

Amid Kanye West being shredded to pieces over his SNL pro-Trump tirade by a host of celebrities including Swizz BeatzKenan Thompson and Lana Del Rey, he also had a slew of thoughts on the 13th amendment. The 13th amendment, which “abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime,” was passed in 1865. So, to play devil’s advocate, slavery is technically legal.

In Ye’s initial message post-rant, he declared he wanted to abolish the 13th amendment. He took to Twitter to clarify.

    1. ATL legend T.I. didn’t necessarily rush to Ye’s defense, but he did condense his thoughts in an Instagram video. To preface, T.I. made it very clear that, like most, he “tends to disagree with most of the sh*t Kanye says in his rants,” but in terms of altering the 13th amendment, he and Ye are on one accord.
    2. “NOT BECAUSE I THINK SLAVERY SHOULD BE INSTILLED,” BUT BECAUSE OF THAT OVERLOOKED CLAUSE ABOUT SLAVERY NOT BEING ABOLISHED IF ONE IS IMPRISONED, SAYS THE ‘NO MERCY’ EMCEE.Tip drove his point home by saying that this stipulation “incentivizes mass incarceration and it increases the amount of scrutiny put on us and the laws that affect us differently than they affect white people.” Granted, he understands Kanye’s point, but does feel it was “horribly worded, and if he’s not careful, he could get carried off into the bullsh*t.”


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