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Kim Kardashian just filed legal docs revealing just how incredibly powerful and influential she is … and that power and influence translates into insane cash.

Kim is embroiled in a lawsuit against Missguided USA clothing company, a fast fashion brand. She claims the company used her image to hawk its wares. The company apparently didn’t respond to her claims, and she’s now going in for a default judgment for $5 mil.

That’s not why we’re telling you about this. In the docs, Kim justifies the $5 mil by explaining her capacity to make big money. She says she gets between $300,000 and $500,000 FOR A SINGLE INSTAGRAM POST!!!

And, get this … in the docs, she says she frequently turns down offers for that kind of money because she doesn’t want to be associated with the brands.

As for the lawsuit, Kim says her brand is being damaged by Missguided USA associating itself with her.

It’s no secret … Kim can literally make a business by giving it a thumbs up. It’s like Oprah, only arguably bigger.

Source from TMZ.

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Meet Eindo First Nigerian Rapper To Star In A Movies Series To Be Premeire On Netflix Tittled Shadow


Meet Eindo First Nigerian Rapper To Star In A Movies Series To Be Premeired On Netflix Tittled Shadow,with message coming from the producer of the series it is confirmed that Shadows will hit Netflix on 8th of March, read statement below.

It’s with great pleasure that we can eventually confirm that the first season of Shadow has been picked up by Netflix and it will be the first Netflix Original Series from Africa. As a production team we would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the project and without you guys it simply wouldn’t have been possible.

We are very excited and we trust that the show’s exposure will open bigger doors for all of us.

  Shadow will officially be launched on Netflix on 8 March 2019 and we will be providing you with marketing material which you can share on the various social media platforms to ensure that we create a lot of hype around the show.

This series features Nigeria South African rapper and actor Eindo and his great versatility was outstanding,having suc a great talent like this on set was something amazing wth his sense of execution and perfection.

Netflix will also be embarking on their own marketing efforts and we will be launching an IMDB page for the show once it’s live as well.   Watch Trailer Here.

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My One Night Stand Experience After Leaving The Cinemas – Duchess 18+


It was  Saturday evening, I was coming back from the cinemas  after watching Fifty Shade of Black,the cinemas was few walk to my hostel .While taking a walk back i was fully horny i couldn’t get the fantasy and imagination off my mind till I saw an old friend missed call on my phone, I have been ignoring Jude for a long time but with the situation on ground i had to invite  him over that evening, he was immensely glad when he saw my call and was glad i  could make the time to see him.

I rushed in the bathroom made sure my Pu.$$y was well trimmed and I also spent some time shaving my legs. My bedroom was well cleaned and I chose the clingiest, tightest dress to wear before opening the door to usher him in.

I guess I should not have bothered with the dress because as soon as he entered my apartment , we were kissing and he was taking it off. His expert hands roamed my N@kkd body, starting from my bre@.$ts down to my ass and thighs. He led me to the bed where he asked me to lay down. I obeyed. Another thing I loved about Jude, he was always there to please.

I was watching him as he slowly undressed. He took everything off but his boxer shorts. I could clearly see his massive poking against the fabric, wanting to be let out. As if in reflex, my legs spread apart and my hand came to rest on my Pu.$$y, gently stroking. Finally, he came to join me in bed.

He took my hand off my cunt and replaced it with his. Using one hand, he opened my Pu.$$y and used a finger of the other hand to find my clitoris. I moaned as soon as his fingertip made contact and automatically thrust my hips upwards, wanting more. He took his time, though, flicking and stroking my clit until my thighs began to quiver.

“Yes… oh Lord… Yess… Don’t stop…” I moaned, through quick breaths. I should not have worried. Jude had no intention of stopping. In fact, he bent his head and replaced that finger with his tongue. He gave my clitoris a quick flick, causing me to shudder.

He stopped the kiss and returned to work on my cunt. He spread my legs wide apart and holding them with his hands, he bent his head to my Pu.$$y. In one move, he slid his tongue up my hole and began to F**.Ck, making sure he pushed upwards to tease my g-spot. I was crying out and thrashing my head from side to side, feeling my whole body buzz with arousal.

“Oh yes. yes. yes. Ohh… F**.Ck, I’m cumming. FUCK IT!” I screamed as I erupted, my juice escaping from the innermost part of my Pu.$$y straight into his mouth. I could hear the slurping noises he was making as he was sucking my juice and draining me.

As I recovered from my org@.$m, I saw him lean up and began to grind that hard against me. I could feel the d.!ck throbbing excitedly through the fabric of his shorts. I reached down and grabbed his and he moved against me, attempting to move in my hand. I wanted to enjoy his thick so bad.

“Lie down baby, let me suck that,” I said huskily.

Suddenly, I felt his thick swelling even more inside me. I did not need to clamp my Pu.$$y tighter around him because I was already fitted so snugly that it was impossible. He began to moan even louder, his breaths faster. His was about to explode in me and I held on to his shoulders for dear life.

I groaned with desire. I always seem to forget how menacing that d.!ck was. I wrapped my hand around it again. The was so big, my hand could barely go around him. I bent my head and covered his tip with my mouth. He grabbed my head, pushing me roughly further down. I made it halfway through the length of his and grabbing the remaining inches in my hand, I began to suck.

I licked and slurped on his until it was glistening wet and used my hand to distribute the liquid around. He was groaning, pushing into my mouth, wanting me to take it all but I knew it was impossible. His grip on my head became tighter and he held me in place as he shoved that straight up and into my throat. I was gagging, trying to escape his grasp but he maintained his grip, F**.Cking my mouth in fast, sharp thrusts. He let go and I pushed away from him.

Finally, he grabbed my ass, pushed up my hips and thrust so deep into me that my scream was sharp and piercing. He stilled and I felt all his juice I had so yearned for, leaving the head of his and into my waiting Pu.$$y. I held on to him until he recovered then leant up to give him a kiss.

“You are so F**.Cking fantastic, Jude,” I whispered in his ear as he returned to earth.

“So are you, baby.” He responded, still trying to catch his breath.

My One Night Stand Experience After Leaving The Cinemas – Duchess 18+

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Video – Nigerian South African Based Rapper Eindo Explains His Reasons For Hitting The Gym


Nigerian South African Based Rapper Eindo Explains His Reasons For Hitting The Gym.

Lately the Too Fresh Crooner And Ceo Of CMG Entertainment has been seen on a regular gym section with different routine work outs,there has been speculations within friends and family that it might be health related.

But in an interview with 60minstv South Africa,the rapper explains that he needs to keep fit as a rapper and business man because staying on stage to entertain fans for minutes and hours requires loads of strength and energy.

“I am that kind of artist that sees himself as a performer,i love to start my performance with strong energy and finish with same strong energy,i don’t believe in bringing my energy low because of breath and lack of strength ”

“I am going back to Nigeria to promote my new video for Too Fresh which was shot in South Africa,i will be having back to back shows,club tours,interviews and studio section we all know it’s festive period there will be less sleep much work so for this reason it is important as an artist to keep fit mentally and physically”.


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